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Collection: Fair Fashion Natural Line

Natural Line

The Glamour Of Italian Fashion

Experience, innovation and the Italian taste for fashion, produce a Fair Fashion Natural Line brand in constant evolution, capable of offering exceptional wigs to a highly accurate design.

Specialists in creating natural hair wigs characterized by expert craftsmanship on ultra light caps designed for maximum comfort.

Superior Craftsmanship
Ultra-light Wig Caps 
Innovative Caps
Modern and extremely natural colours
Supervision And Quality Control 
Genuine Remy Wigs
Glamorous cuts & styles 
Use of hypoallergenic materials in the production process


Wearing a realistic, natural looking Fair Fashion Natural Line wig gives the sensation, and emotional support, of having your own hair back. The expert hands of a hairdresser can create or restyle the wig to achieve almost any style you want.

A fabulous looking natural hair wig that keeps its silky softness, shine and thick body over time. 

Genuine Remy Wigs have many advantages:

  • They don’t tangle easily (thanks to the intact cuticle).
  • They remain full-bodied and voluminous for a longer time.
  • Wigs made with genuine Remy Hair tend to last longer
  • They are higher quality and so look great!
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