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Women with Alopecia - embracing baldness.

“I think society is struggling more with accepting bald women because people are not used to seeing them. When they do I suspect people assume that she is undergoing cancer treatment and that she’s really sick – but people don’t think that when they see a bald man. If there was more awareness among the public about alopecia it would surely help women so they wouldn’t have to hide this disease.”

Baldvin (which means strength) is a project by photographer Sigga Ella, who made portraits of seven women who wanted people to get to know more about their condition - Alopecia an Autoimmune disorder that causes the loss of hair.

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As more Alopecians embrace their baldness, the more society is challenged to question what is beauty.

American Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley revealed that she has Alopecia. Pressley declared that "I want to be freed from the secret." 

"My hair was me, my identity, my femininity," recounts Amy-Rose Lynch, an art director in advertising. "I thought I lost myself when I lost my hair."

Amy-Rose Lynch, 25

Occupation: Art director in advertising, dancer

"At first, I stopped going out or doing anything that would compromise the hats that I wore to keep my hair loss a secret. Those were extremely dark times for me. My hair was me, my identity, my femininity. As a woman, hair plays such a big part in our lives, our expression, our personalities, and to have that taken away is devastating. My experiences when I reached out for help highlighted how the medical profession isn't interested in alopecia because, apart from the hair loss, you are medically OK — it's deemed a cosmetic issue. I thought I lost myself when I lost my hair. I couldn't have fun, I stopped dancing, I couldn't swim — I just became this shell. I went from dancing every single day to not at all for five years. It is my biggest regret."

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When women with alopecia can choose to wear a wig or not and be accepted either way, when we see more Alopecians in beauty marketing and general life, when we expand our societal expectations of beauty to include every woman, we will have grown.

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