Things we've learned on our wig adventures. Skin Tones and Face Shapes – The Wonderful Wigs of OZ!

Things we've learned on our wig adventures. Skin Tones and Face Shapes.

If your wig adventure is just beginning, but you are lost in the choices of colours, styles or brands, then let us help.

The colour and style you choose may look great on the model but will it look great on you?

The first step is to find out what skin tone you have, if you don't already know. Then select a colour to work with your skin tone. 

The best site we have found to determine your skin tone is

Now you know your skin tone, what colours will work for you? This video will help you decide. It's one of many out there. If you are new to wigs, google is your friend.

Your face shape will determine if a style will work for you. If you are unsure about your face shape, try here and find out what styles suit your face shape.

Now you can find your perfect wig to suit your skin tones and face shape.


But regardless of all this - wear the hair that makes you feel wonderful.

You want to go long and blonde, or short and red - Do It!

x the wonderful wigs of oz.


*You can find informative reviews of most wigs and colours with a google search. 


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