Introducing the AKANU COLLECTION – The Wonderful Wigs of OZ!

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Introducing the AKANU COLLECTION


5 New Styles

 Available in 7 colours.

Cyberhair is an ultra-lightweight created hair fibre that looks and feels like human hair, but is more durable, holds color, tolerates heat, and loves water. Like human hair and other synthetic fibres, it requires regular maintenance. 

Most synthetic fibres, and all Cyberhair products, will have to be cleansed and re-moisturized every three to four days if worn daily. Cyberhair has 10 times more moisture content than any other synthetic fibre on the market, and needs to be cared for with that in mind. Contact us for information on recommended hair care products.


International Hairgoods is committed to providing beautiful, premium hair replacement products and solutions of the highest quality for salons and hair stylists, and has decades of experience and a proud history to stand behind.

AKANU is the latest collection from International Hairgoods

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